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Special Offer:

Vendor Stocking

For client requiring more frequent delivery to support shot downs, expansion or some of our special programs such as "Vendor Stocking" or just in time. Business Tools Limited establishes routine deliveries 

Management of minimum/maximum quantities:
Many companies are making concentrated efforts in acquisition and cost of possession (the estimate cost of issuing a purchase order and inventory holding cost) These companies are relying more and more on their major vendors to handle their marginal purchasing/supply needs
The business of BTL is the Purchasing, inventorying Selling and Servicing  of Industrial supplies and managing the minimum/maximum reports which indicate when the quantity on hand as decreased to a predetermined minimum level. Advises on quantity to be ordered after careful review of previous usage history (past and anticipated usage) Lead – time, Logistics, Cost, Transit time and plans for extraordinary needs involving a special projects.


Few expensive but infrequently used items are sometimes carried in the warehouse solely as insurance items. These items are necessary to prevent the shut down of a vital piece of equipment or even Facility, Factory, Rig/flow station shut down situation. (In most instances, it is more cost efficient to rely on airfreight services rather than investing a large amount of capital for a long period of time) BTL offers such services (to hold inventory for client) on special arrangement. When instructions are received, we order and inform client of availability.

“We customize our service programs to fit your specific needs”
“We get the products you need when you need them”