Bussiness Tools Limited Provides the Services that fit any project budget without compromising on quality Working in partnership with manufacturers(OEM) and Service providers globally.Read More

Our services include but not limited to:
Assisting clients in expediting outright local/foreign purchases and delivery of Safety products, industrial, 

mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, Marine and Instrumentation including Consumables as required by the

Oil/Gas and the Allied Industry.

That is,

  • To source and supply the exact quality and specifications to our valued and prospective Customers
  • To bridge the lead-time and ensure a faster delivery on demand. One call to us will reduce the time it takes you to source the equipment or components you require.
  • To turn scarcity into abundance at a maximum order level maintenance work system. (The unexpected breakdown of machinery and equipment is your worst enemy, to avoid escalation production cost, you need a partner you can trust to deliver the part and the services you need whenever you need them)
  • To install and grant after sales services to our valued customers;
    These includes; supervising and directing Project personnel as well as Construction and installation from Project inception through completion. 
  • To establish a web-like structured relationship with our valued customer with a view of identifying and supplying their future needs in order avoid out of stock situation.

Enabling safer, cost-effective drilling and well operations;

Safe operations and asset integrity must be maintained throughout the well lifecycle but changes in the market are driving the need to reduce the cost of drilling, field development and decommissioning.

Business Tools Limited services span the entire lifecycle of all operations. From concept evaluation, well design, drilling, completion, production, intervention and work over to plug abandonment. We support and provide safe working environment for operators, rig owners, service companies and governing bodies through risk management, assessment, analysis, creating and implementing occupational health and safety procedures, keeping abreast of the latest technology standards and ensure checks to equipment.


As an indigenous company, providing services to the oil and gas industries. Business Tools Limited work to ensure that safety critical equipment is designed, constructed, and maintained to manage risk of unintentional hazard.

Operations and Risk Assessment;

Business Tools Limited has extensive risk management expertise and provides reliability analysis for operations, drilling and completion risk assessment and barrier management solutions. We provide support for operating companies in environmental risk management and platform quantitative rsk assessment.

What we offer;

Comprehensive purchasing solutions from identifications to delivery

Emergency and crisis management in the offshore/onshore oil and gas environment

Training towards

Stepping, Handling and Lifting Techniques for oil and gas operations

Risk management for projects

QHSE for line managers

HSE for frontline supervisors in the oil and gas exploration and production

Fundamentals for Ground water contamination...

“We customize our service programs to fit your specific needs”
“We get the products you need when you need them”